Land North of Bradley Road

Land North of Bradley Road

The Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with the local community regarding the proposed development of around 280 homes on land north of Bradley Villa Farm, Bradley Road. This is being undertaken by Redrow Homes who propose to develop the site. Full details of the site location, the proposed development and how you can get involved are provided in this consultation are set out below. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions which prevents holding in-person consultation events, public consultation is provided entirely online.

About Redrow Homes

Redrow Homes is one of the UK’s leading housebuilders that care about the quality of the homes that they build and the developments they create. They are committed to delivering thriving communities and creating better places to live, through their passion for design, sustainability and innovation. They have a reputation for designing high quality homes that are attractive and meet the modern-day needs of their customers. They are proud of the positive contribution they make to communities by providing local economic development opportunities, contributing to local facilities such as schools, affordable housing, public open space and encouraging sustainable living. They believe that this proposal for new family housing in Bradley reflects these values.

Background to the Development Proposals

Kirklees has a growing population with a need for a minimum of 1,730 new homes to be built per year in the District to meet assessed housing need. The proposed development forms the Bradley Villa Farm phase of development of a wider site which is allocated for development by Kirklees Council in their Local Plan (adopted in 2019). The wider site (known as land north of Bradley Road) is allocated for development under Policy LP65 Site Ref: HS11 of the Local Plan and is expected to be developed for residential use. the balance of the allocation land is under Council ownership. The whole HS11 Allocation site will deliver around 1,460 new homes by 2031 with a further 498 homes beyond this.

The current development proposals by Redrow Homes form the Bradley Villa Farm phase of development of the HS11 Allocation site, following the grant of permission for 105 houses off Tithe House Way in September 2020. Planning permission is only being sought for the Bradley Villa Farm site shown on the plan and not the wider allocation site. An indicative Masterplan for the whole HS11 Allocation site has been prepared by Redrow Homes to ensure that the phases are consistent across the site allocation and will not prejudice its delivery. For clarity this allocation wide Masterplan has not been prepared by the Council who own the balance of the site and who will prepare and consult upon detailed plans when they bring the golf course site forward for development.

What is proposed?

Full details of the proposed development including design and layout are detailed on this consultation website. The proposed development will provide circa 275 residential homes with associated open space, planting and landscaping. The homes will be a mix of 2, 3 and 4-bedrooms including market and affordable housing. The main road access to the development is from Bradford Road with a secondary access onto Bradley Road from Shepherds Thorn Lane.

What issues have been considered?

Redrow Homes are supported by an expert project team extending to all technical matters including design and architecture, highways and parking, drainage and flood risk, landscape, trees and ecology. All of the appointed experts have carried out a variety of assessments to inform the design evolution of the proposed development, including undertaking careful assessment of wildlife on the site alongside impact on the local road network, landscape and infrastructure.

What’s next?

This website has been created to provide details of the proposed development and provides further information on how the community can get involved and have their say on the proposals.

Have your say

Redrow Homes welcomes all feedback and comments, including how you think the proposals could improve. Written comments can be provided through the consultation website or via email Following the public consultation, Redrow Homes will review all feedback which will help to evolve the final design of the proposal prior to the planning application being finalised and submitted to the Council.


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